About: John F. Faherty

“Operation Golden Age is a slow-burning, post-apocalyptic odyssey, dealing with the themes of illusion and the fragility of memory in the face of human extinction. “

John Faherty

I’m John Faherty. Welcome to my writer’s homepage.

            A 1991 graduate of Temple University, I have lived in or near Philadelphia for most of my adult life. I am married and have three adult children. I work professionally as a disease investigator with the local Department of Public Health. I am also active as a writer and artist. Writing Science fiction for many years, I love everything involved in the writing process, from imagining the story and characters to editing and reediting. I am an avid reader and enjoy storytelling in all its forms. Reading every day inspires my writing. To this point, my work has been self-published.   In January 2019, I reached out to agencies regarding the title, ‘The Swan and the Whirlwind,’ to pursue a literary agent. Ultimately, the responses were rejections. However, since joining the Bucks County Writers critique group, I have made great strides in my writing development. Since dedicating myself to this process, my work has improved significantly, and I feel confident enough in this new work to give traditional publishing another try. 

 I look forward to hearing back from you about potentially reviewing my complete manuscript. Thank you for the opportunity. Reach me anytime at
John Faherty
War Bonnet available on Wattpad



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