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A Paradox In Retrograde 2014 John F. Faherty

The story of “A Paradox in Retrograde” is set in a far distant future, on an island city-state Baldur. Balanced on the edge of a decimated world, Baldur is governed by the power of myth and dependent upon the latent technology of a precedent lost civilization. An unfolding chain of events soon leads to a discovery of a coming catastrophe. They must deal with a mysterious discovery of strange objects, and the remains of a crashed alien vessel high in the hills above the city. Amidst this, a mysterious stranger named Ananda appears suddenly out of the sea. This stranger suffering from some deficit of memory knows little more than his name.

From the frozen depths of space a dark companion to the Earth once again wanders into the realm of the inner planets. From this nemesis planet known as Nibaru, a great fleet of savage warriors freed from the icy embrace of the nether regions threatens again to cross the gulf of space and descend upon the fragile Earth. Once there they plan to feed in a cannibalistic frenzy, to devour the precious life force of their human host. Through a sacred religious rite known as “the rite of combat” Nibaru’s warrior caste must first risk all to prove themselves worthy before Hector the Immortal King of the Earthmen. 

Meanwhile on Earth far more familiar to our own, scientists using condemned prisoners are conducting experiments search for the elusive seat of the mind. Through their experiments using artificial intelligence to map the quantum topography of consciousness they unwittingly unleash within the fabric of reality a series of breaches to the boundaries that constrain it, creating a paradox. As a result the subject’s consciousness is splintered throughout time and affixed into the timeline of Baldur.

Ananda discovers then that he now possesses knowledge concerning the coming conflict. Possessing this he soon emerges as Hector the eternal defender of the human race. His brother Amida having long ago chosen a different path returns. Appearing first as an apparition and then in human form, attempts to guide his brother. Amida knows the secret that is not yet known to Ananda. Ananda and Hector are one and the same entity. It is Amida’s mission to somehow blunt his brother’s fury. For if left unchecked Hector world destroy all to assure victory. 

The humans in fear of Ananda’s motives, attempt to disrupt his plans which threaten to destroy them. The group led by Landaus makes a daring first strike they gain access to Nibaru. Once there they set to even the odds, crippling any chance of a full out invasion by sabotaging the vast fleet of ships arrayed against them. What they could not know is that by completing this mission they have unwittingly disrupted the timeline between these realities. There then on the field before the citadel of Baldur, a desperate battle unfolds. There now the ancient cycle of conflict comes to its bitter end as Ananda and Amida fight their final battle.

The Strange Case of Cannibals Under Kensington  2011 John Faherty

“The Strange Case of Cannibal’s Under Kensington” is John’s recently completed Science Fiction novel. This 84,000-word title tells a story of transformation and redemption. The story is set a few decades into a future, in a time and place where the boundaries of technology have outpaced the gritty realities of existence. The novel tells the story of two people who in the course of investigating a bizarre set of grizzly murders discover both the mad work of immoral science and a dark governmental shadow conspiracy. In unraveling these mysteries they discover the hidden strengths they’ll need not only to blunt the heavy hand of unrestrained power but also those needed to rebuild their shattered lives. 
The plot of this novel unfolds in an alternate history set in the future slightly ahead of ours. In this alternate Philadelphia, the stark divisions of class and technology unravel in this world beset by economic upheaval and unrestrained science. There a scientific discovery is made in the field of genetics that sets in motion a terrifying chain of events. From within a city is under siege by a human chimera. 

Though Daniel Burton that night would lose his life in the icy water, by strange circumstance and misguided science, he would be reborn in the guise of a basest animal. Within this new form, there lingered an unquiet human spirit and a longing he could no longer understand. To which this new life would not reconcile. 

Unknown to those involved the unfolding events had not gone unnoticed by certain rather unsavory government agencies. With the advent of the newest generation of thinking machines, algorithms are devised to fine tune a clairvoyant peek into the future. By use of these supercomputers, some success at seeing into future events had been achieved. Its predictions however now told a grave story of an inevitable future war. There they discover that in the future global conflict that had been predicted, this chimera may have far-ranging implications to its inevitable outcome.

Children of a Dark Age  2011 John Faherty

The Children Of a Dark Age is a 128,000 word Sci-Fi novel set in a future Island City- State, teetering precariously on the edge oblivion. in a world devastated by the ancient plagues of Man, a wandering probe from a long-dead civilization having visited upon the Earth, now sets to make some changes by means of subtle genetic manipulation. To do this the probe employs a microscopic sentient life form known as the Architecture molecule. The long dead builders of the probe, betrayed by their own creation seek now only release from its hold. 

Its plan, by tinker with gears of evolution, is to bring forth a suitable symbiotic host, in a world of its own creation. This tinkering beyond its intended purpose has unforeseen consequences not only to biology but to the earthly technology based upon it. These set of circumstances leave the already fragile human population with one last extinction hurdle to pass, domination by an emergent artificial intelligence. It is to these circumstances that the characters must rise up against.
Jack Walker, an unwitting product of this tinkering, has somehow changed.
He is possessed now by sensitivity to this sentient architecture molecule, wherein he discovers the ability to transfigure matter and bend the form of space and time. Jack is at once its slave and its master. This sweeping epic brings to full circle three story arcs to a final battle and resolution. There can be only one race to inherit the Earth. The family of Man has been its sole master for ten millennia, can they hold out for one more day?