Operation Golden Age


The domed cities are but an ancient memory. With the advent of human language, an ancient species of sentient fungus known as Prototaxities, symbiotic to all life, became self-aware. Within Prototaxities’ mycelial neural network, a parasitic hive mind of Post Human consciousness struggle for dominion over the landscape. The mysterious nature of its sentience and how it came to fill the vacuum created by humanity’s absence remains unknown.  

             Wyatt and Trixie thought they were survivors. They soon discover they are a set of pair-bonded clones living in a controlled environment. Upon learning this, they seek to leave the manipulation of their sometimes-benevolent overseers. ​​​​Feeling compelled to leave their garden paradise, the only home they’ve ever known, Trixie and Wyatt set out on an odyssey to confront the dangers and mysteries awaiting them in the desert wilderness beyond. They find far more than they bargained for with the discovery of other human survivors under the yoke of an alien god-king named Marduk and the ultimate truth of operation golden age.

My name is John Faherty. I am currently seeking to publish my newly finished 88,000 word Science Fiction novel.  ‘Operation Golden Age’.  Operation Golden Age is a slow-burning, post-apocalyptic odyssey, dealing with the themes of illusion and the fragility of memory in the face of human extinction. 

             I look forward to hearing back from you about potentially reviewing my complete manuscript. Thank you for the opportunity. Reach me anytime at



John Faherty