Who is Keeping Notes?

One of my many notebooks

For those creative types out there, unless you have an assistant it is impossible for one to do all at once. In any creative endeavor, ideas are often more plentiful than time will allow for. Sometimes constraints on time can stop things from ever getting started. My experience has been that memory tends to fade; even the most inspired idea, if neglected will wither away.

Something I learned to do a long time ago is when an exciting idea comes, I should do my best to somehow document it. For most people, it is counterproductive to jump from the middle of one project, to start another. This has always been true for me. My solution whether it be for writing or painting has always been to keep detailed notes and drawings, to which I could return, mull over, and reformulate at a later time or date. One by-product of this is never having that sense of not knowing what your next move should be. This eventually became an important part how I get things done.

illustration in notes for “Children of a Dark Age” 2006

In my work life, I have known many people who document every aspect of their day to day lives, people who they met, meeting minutes, or what they ate for lunch. I’ve witnessed firsthand the vital memory expanding capabilities of a notebook. Today, however, with the advent of cell phones and tablets more diverse almost limitless variety of media types can be used, captured, and stored for this purpose. These, I too, I have come to appreciate for their abilities to document ideas. From my perspective, however, there is an incorruptible quality to a sheet of crisp white paper whether it be lined or unlined. For me, a notebook will always be pen and paper.