Helium Three : Luna

The future is an unknown factor. Therefore, in fiction, the arrow of time can adopt myriad paths and destinations. Today the notion of the use of Helium three in fusion reactors to solve the worlds energy problems is still on the horizon. The Moon is covered with it. This fact I exploit as a plot device in the Luna story.

To all who have have been privileged to set eyes upon the rolling hills of Luna have known the placid tranquility to be found there. The captain and crew of the Valiant had not however crossed the gulf space merely to observe its stark beauty. What they were after was the successful negotiation for resource rights with the Luna colony. It was only one resource they were after, Helium three.

Due to her breadth of experience, Hillary Johnson was specifically chosen for this mission. She had a reputation as being tough, yet well respected. This was just the kind of negotiator the U.T.A wanted on their side. For the situation on earth was getting desperate as the stocks of Helium three were dwindling.

For a generation, the trade and processing of the precious lunar soil so heavy in helium three had been the life’s blood of Luna’s economy. Now as its fortunes have grown, so has its influence. With the Alpha colony now feeling the rush of its sovereignty, it was inevitable that it would stand at odds with the U.T.A. The first thing to suffer was the Helium trade.

The U.T.A consortium had one additional reason for sending Hillary on this mission. She had been acquainted with Han Richter many years before while studying at the Berlin Polytechnic. To what extent Hillary could exploit this previous relationship, was at this point unknown. So as the order went out to dispatch a message out to the rebel colony, this was in the back of her mind.

The communication officer patched in the captain’s com device to the broad frequency array and gave her the green light to begin her broadcast. She wasted no time and began at once. “Citizens of Luna Alpha Colony, I Captain Hillary Johnson of the U.T.A. ship Valiant bring you peaceful greetings from the people of Earth. I am here on behalf of the U.T.A government in an attempt to negotiate an agreement beneficial to all sides relating to Luna sovereignty and perhaps, more importantly, the resumption of the Helium trade that is threatening to cripple both of our economies.”

Regarding his image within the mirror Hans Richter listened to the voice coming over the speaker. He recognized the name and the voice. It was from someplace long ago in his past. The vision of the place was so alien from where he was now, he barely recognized the memory as his own……

Stay tuned……

Cartoon Confusion

The Flintstones

As a child, my perception was such for me to believe that television was nothing short of a magical. Through its silvery window, one could remotely view distant times and places. All of it, but for the lone group of outliers, made a neat kind of sense to my young mind. This being the classic era of cartoons I was often left confused by the dichotomy between the unreality of the illustration and the reality of the characterizations. These worlds were not real, yet the voice, the presence of the actor portrayals they represented defiantly were. To my young mind, this could not be easily reconciled. The word animation, or make move, for me was synonymous with bringing to life.

Fred and Barney Mascots

One day to my surprise and delight I was told we were taking a trip to visit the local UHF television station. This adventure included a meet and greet with some of the characters featured on their cartoon line up. The thought that immediately filled my head was that if I could meet them in person, these characters surely would share their secrets with me. The processes through which art became real. But alas to my dismay as I was to learn these lumbering mascots could do little more than prance around much less speak. And as my brother in the end finally revealed they were after all Just men in suits. “Look he said you can see their eyes are air holes for them to breathe.” My excitement morphed from shock to horror to the realization that what I had thought was magic was just something I hadn’t the capacity to yet understand. I’ve grown to recognize these moments and appreciate them more as I’ve gotten older.