Losing your Ego

Piper at the gates of Dawn  2007 John Faherty

The drive to be an Artist or Writer, wherein your heart and soul are poured into a project for some is often the easiest part in the act of creation. No art, however, can exist in a vacuum. This for many is where the process breaks down. It takes a brave and resilient person, to press forward, changing when necessary to ultimately face down one’s ego.  

People who have ever attempted to break into any creative endeavor whether they’ve experienced success or not, know that there can often be a long and disappointing road ahead. The Publishing world, with its ever-changing trends, can be as competitive as it gets. I find I’m not afraid to say that I’m learning something new every day.

When I went to art school in the eighties, the critiques were tough and relentless. These experiences, though initially disheartening helped me to begin to see my work objectively. Now as I submit queries and track responses I’m attempting to learn something about my work and the business. One day I’m going to get the response that’s someone really connects with what I’m doing. The word count will be perfect, and my hook will be just right. Until that time comes, I’m going to continue to try to maintain that balance between creativity and business savvy.

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